MVN Arquitectos

MVN Arquitectos

MVN is an architectural firm formed in 2005 with the aim of improving in each project the individual’s relationship with its environment through architecture.
This principle is the argument of our design work, based on the use of light, energy and natural resources. We understand that this is the best way to adapt to the environment we live in a sustainable manner, valuing our environment as the main source of welfare, the cheapest and the most respectful.

This idea builds on professional experience developed over 15 years in prestigious national and international architectural offices, which have deepened our knowledge of technologies for the utilization of the natural environment and bioclimatic architecture through projects of varying complexity in which environmental quality is one of the main premises.

To carry out our work we have incorporated since 2008 the BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology through the Revit Architecture software.

Supported in the teaching practice within the university we have developed a research profile that allows us a necessary and constant updating of techniques and methods as well as the ongoing review of the new impulses of society. For MVN the exchange and balance of a double theoretical and practical method is essential.

[Emilio Medina García]

1992 Architect. ETSA Madrid.
2004 Project Director Accredited Professional by AEIPRO.

1993-1996 Instituto de Control, Asistencia, Ensayos y Sondeos. Madrid.
1996-1997 Julián Angosto office and freelance activity. Madrid.
1997-2004 Project Director at IDOM-ACXT. Madrid.
2005-Act MVN Architects.

[Diego Varela de Ugarte]

1996 Architect. ETSA Madrid.
2011 Accredited Professional LEED AP BD+C by USGBC.

1996 Leonardo scholarship at Alison & Peter Smithson. London.
1997-2000 Norman Foster & Partners. London.
2000-2004 Project Director at IDOM-ACXT. Madrid
2004-2005 AVA Architects. Madrid.
2005-Act MVN Architects.

2002-2007 Associate Professor. Bioclimatic Architecture. CJC University.
2003-2004 Research Consultant. Rafael Escolá Foundation.
2005-2007 Associate Professor. Design Studio. CJC University.
2009-Act. Director of Bioclimatic Architecture on line course Structuralia


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